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Hand Cards FAQ

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How to use hand cards

How do I use hand cards?

Here is a great article on how to properly and efficiently use hand cards/hand carders.

The attached PDF file covering the "Care & Feeding of Handcards" is reprinted with permission from Earth Guild in Asheville, NC (1-800-327-8448)

Mini hand card cleaner

What's the best way to clean the fiber out of the card pad?

Try our mini hand card cleaner, which is listed in our accessories section.

A great little and inexpensive tool is shown in the Hand Card section.

Original Strauch quality

Why do I see another manufacturer's hand cards for sale that look exactly like yours?

It's been said that imitation is the best form of flattery. Flattery aside, we don't know why someone would want to make something that looked just like another manufacturer's product. We spend a good bit of time designing and improving all of our products to make them the best, to make them unique. All we can say is this: if you see hand cards that look like ours, be sure to look for our name branded in the back of the cards. If it's not there, your not getting original Strauch quality!

Clean lanolin from handles and carding cloth

I carded some wool "in the grease."
How do I clean the lanolin from the handles and carding cloth?

Wipe the handles with rubbing alcohol. Don't soak the wood, just make the rag damp and briskly wipe the handles. You may have to do this several times to dissolve the lanolin.

As to the carding cloth, lightly spray some rubbing alcohol on both pads and quickly card some clean "junk wool". The wool will slowly dissolve the lanolin from the pins. Do not soak the pads. You'll swell the rubber backing.