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The Brush Attachment

The Fabulous Brush Attachment is Standard on ALL Series of Drum Carders

The brush attachment is positioned over the top of the large drum just after the space where the two drums are the closest. It is placed in the most efficient location, where the fiber enters the carder.
The function of the brush is to:
  1. Keep fiber from flying away (as happens with angora)
  2. Push the fiber down into the teeth of the large drum (hence producing a fuller, loftier batt)
  3. Assist in the carding operation by firmly brushing the fiber after it has been initially carded by the counter rotating infeed and take up drums. It almost acts like a "third drum".
To obtain the above in the most efficient manner, the design of the actual brush (including length and stiffness of the bristles), the support brackets and the position of the brush relative to the large drum are all important. These criteria are maximized in the Strauch drum carders thereby allowing the brush attachment on these carders to efficiently handle a variety of fibers. This properly designed brush works with fibers from very coarse to very fine and long to relatively short. Some folks have "Rube Goldberged" brushes using a paint brush, wallpaper brush or dog combing brush. While they may work with some fibers, they will not handle all the various ones used by fiber artists.