3 Ways to Use a Fiber Diz

A diz is a small tool used to make roving and combed top, or prepared fiber for handspinning. Dizzes have 1-3 holes in the center and come in many shapes and sizes (we sell our own button dizzes here on the Strauch website). 

3 Ways to Use a Fiber Diz

When you are combing fibers and preparing them to spin, a diz is the final step in the process. It creates uniformity in the fibers, and is easy to do once you get the hang of it! We prefer using a curved diz, although flat dizzes are also available. The size of the hole will determine the size of your roving, so you can experiment with a variety of dizzes to see which you prefer. 

With the concave size side towards you, use a threader or small crochet hook to start the fiber through the hole. Then, gently pull the fiber toward you while holding the diz steady against the teeth of the carder or combs. You should feel the fibers drafting a little as you work; continue to pull gently to avoid a break in the fiber so that you end up with a long, continuous roving! Here are our favorite video tutorials to get you started: 

Option #1: Diz roving off your drum carder


Option #2: Diz fibers off hackles or combs


Option #3:  Diz a batt


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3 Ways to Use a Fiber Diz

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