Strauch Fiber on Instagram!

You can follow Strauch Fiber on Instagram, @strauchfiber. In addition to sharing photos of what’s going on behind the scenes here at Strauch Fiber Equipment headquarters in Virginia we also like to share photos from other Instagram users featuring our tools in use. If you own a piece of Strauch equipment tag your photo #strauchfiber so we can see your post and share!

Here are some photos that have been shared by our customers on Instagram:

@tonofwool is busy winding yarn on her Strauch ball winder!

@verypinkknits shows off her Strauch swift while filming her popular video series, Very Pink Knits!

An action shot of a Strauch carder full of fiber by @sparkyarn

Designer and knitter @mariknits winds a sweater's worth of yarn with her Strauch ball winder.



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