Fun with Fluff: 3 New Video Tutorials

We love sharing free tutorials with you on our YouTube channel, where we also post behind-the-scenes peeks and other fibery tips, tricks, and maintenance instructions that you can refer back to again and again. We’ve just added 2 new videos to help you explore new ways of processing fiber this year, plus a tutorial to help you manage slippery yarn (you know the ones we’re talking about) on your ball winder.

First up, we have a hand-carding video where Joanne learns Liz’s carding technique using Strauch hand cards.  Liz is one of our awesome team members here at Strauch, and a phenomenal spinner. Hand cards are a great introduction into carding since they are more affordable than drum carders – they are also good for portable projects, as they don’t take up much space and are fairly lightweight.

For anyone who’s wanted to spin with angora fiber but just didn’t know where to start, this next video is for you! This video shows you how quick and easy it is to card angora on the Finest and the Petite drum carders. Angora is an extremely fine fiber, but as you’ll see, that isn’t a problem for our drum carders!

If you’re having trouble with slippery yarns when you’re winding your yarn into a ball, then watch this video on winding a skein of superwash merino yarn on our ball winder.

For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to our channel for notifications when new videos are added. If you have suggestions for videos, we’d love to hear them. Write a note down in the comments below on what you’d like to see!

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