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How to Maximize Your Next Drum Carding Session [FREE PRINTABLE]

Whether you’ve just gotten a big bag of fleece or need to stock your shop or fiber bin with beautiful batts, your perfect day of drum carding requires just a bit of planning to ensure maximum efficiency. Today, we share … Continue reading

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Staple Length: A Quick Guide for Fiber Artists

The term staple length is frequently used when talking about fleece and fiber, but have you ever wondered why staple length matters and how it affects your choice of tools and techniques in a given project? In this post, we’ll … Continue reading

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Meet Our Makers: Rock Mills Farm

Back in July, we attended the Fiber Marker sponsored by Fibernate and had the pleasure of meeting Mary, owner of the Rock Mills Farm in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Mary’s booth was filled with beautiful hand-processed fibers sourced locally. We fell in … Continue reading

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For the Love of Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fleece or fiber is a unique option for the handspinner, but how you process it prior to spinning will greatly affect your finished yarn. These soft and supple fibers require a little bit of know-how and TLC to produce beautiful … Continue reading

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Caring for Your Strauch Drum Carder

Occasionally we receive calls from customers saying that the pins on the large drum are bending or breaking off. This lowers the life expectancy of your drum carder, and can cause difficulties during the carding process. There are two primary … Continue reading

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