Resource Round-Up for Fiber Artists

Do you have the urge to clean out your craft room, and need a place to sell some of the tools you no longer use? Have you recently bought a piece of used fiber equipment and need some advice on how to fix up your newfound treasure? Could you use some guidance with a new-to-you technique, or a little inspiration on what to do with all of that yarn you spin?

The internet is full of resources and information, provided you know where to look. Here are some of our favorite resources for fiber artists – we’d love to hear about any websites you’ve come across that aren’t listed here!

IJoanne's ready for buyers

Buying & Selling Equipment

Fixing & Troubleshooting Equipment

Techniques & Tutorials

We’d love to hear about your own favorite resources, especially if it’s something that isn’t listed above – please share them in the the comments!

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Resource Round-Up for Fiber Artists on the Strauch Fiber Equipment Blog

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