Mad Batt’r Drum Carder – New Size!

Back in 2010, we had many requests and suggestions for an “art carder”. Something that would serve a purpose for those fiber enthusiasts who wanted to add a lot of texture in their batts. Thus, the Mad Batt’r was born!

Mad Battr 4 inch frame

Mad Batt’r 4″ Frame

Originally, it was built on our standard 4” tall frame which we used for our mid-priced 200 series drum carders. It is a wonderful carder and serves its purpose well, but there were still suggestions. We had fiber enthusiasts who wanted to be able to card “lumpy-bumpy” materials into the carder to add some extra flair. Because of the extra tension on the drum, this was becoming more difficult due to the carder needing to be clamped to the edge of a table.

Mad Batt'r 6" Frame

Mad Batt’r 6″ Frame

In 2013, to make things more convenient the Mad Batt’r 2 was born. This drum carder is built on 6” frame, allowing it to be kept anywhere on the work table. Through time we noticed that 98% of our Mad Batt’r drum carders sold were the taller model. The taller frame also gave the 6” Mad Batt’r the opportunity to have a motorized option.

Mad Batt'r on tall frame

Mad Batt’r 6″ on Table

As a result of all of this, effective Jan. 1, 2016, the entire Mad Batt’r series is being built on a 6″ tall solid ash-wood frame (just like the Finest series).

Find out more here and get yours today!

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