A Fine Time With The 100th Sheep

Back in April, the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (EVFAC) held an open house to introduce their new crowd-funded Motorized Double-Wide Finest carder.

Flyer used to advertise the open house

EVFAC’s member-driven community connects fiber artists, enthusiasts and visitors with educational opportunities, special events, facility and equipment rental, and more. Our “high tech” carder is an important addition to their equipment library, allowing fiber artists to easily process alpaca, cashmere and merino without damaging these fine fibers.

The Española Valley Fiber Arts Center - New Mexico's resource for Fiber Artists - Featured on the Strauch Fiber Equipment Company Blog

The Fiber Open House drew many visitors who were excited to learn how to make batts. The instructors were Peggy and Jeff Doney of The 100th Sheep. After a quick setup and training session for the staff, they gave live demos to the visitors all day long – here are some photos from the event to give you an inside peek!

Peggy assembling a Strauch Drum CarderThe only assembly needed is to attach the feed tray to the Strauch Motorized Finest Drum Carder.

Peggy and Glenna Dean, EVFAC Patron preparing fiber for the first battLet’s get started! Peggy and Glenna Dean (EVFAC Patron) prepare fiber for the first batt.

Peggy running the very first fiber into the carder. Olimpia Newman, the EVFAC Director of Development looking onPeggy adds more fiber while Olimpia Newman, the EVFAC Director of Development, looks on.

Peggy demonstrates how to remove a batt from a Strauch Drum Carder.Peggy demonstrates how to remove a batt from the carder.

Strauch Drum Carder Batt ExampleTa-da! Olimpia shows off her first batt made from the new Strauch Finest Carder. What a proud moment!

We look forward to seeing more beautiful batts from EVFAC members and visitors using their shiny new Strauch Fiber Motorized Double-wide Finest carder. The next time you find yourself in the area, be sure to drop by to check it out – we’d love to see photos from your visit!

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