Meet Our Makers: Hobbledehoy Yarn & Fiber

Earlier this fall at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, we had the good fortune to cross paths with Liz Porter of Hobbledehoy Yarn & Fiber.

Liz, a single mom, has two of our Finest Doublewide Carders that she has used over the years to help support her family by offering several batt formats along with hand-pulled roving, painted top, and various other dyed fibers.

Strauch Fiber Equipment Meet Our Makers: Hobbledehoy Yarn & Fiber

From smooth, luxurious batts to chunky textured batts packed with contrasts, there’s something for everyone. We were particularly drawn to the battlings, which are colorful blends of fibers just begging to be spun up!

IMG_0868 IMG_0869

Liz dyes nearly all of her own fibers and also processes several wool and alpaca fleeces each year from small and/or local farms. She takes care to thoroughly wash each fleece before hand processing so that the resulting batts are virtually VM and lanolin-free batts. After dyeing, she plans out each colorway in advance to ensure extreme control over the layers and contrasts throughout each batt. The results are nothing short of stunning!

Strauch Fiber Equipment Meet Our Makers: Hobbledehoy Yarn & Fiber

As our way of supporting the fiber arts community, we’ll be featuring more talented makers here on our blog. If you use Strauch products in your creative business, we’d love to hear from you!

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