A Weekend with Jazzturtle

A couple of weeks ago we went down to North Carolina to visit Esther Rodgers from Jazzturtle Creations! We had a lovely time visiting and we also filmed some great tutorials, which we’ll be posting on the Strauch Youtube Channel very soon!

Esther creates beautiful art yarns for knitters and art batts for spinners. She buys raw fiber and washes, dyes, cards, and then spins the wool all herself. The result is a thoughtful combination of texture and color that radiates Esther’s bright and infectious personality.

Today we have some behind-the-scenes photos from our filming fun and photos of Esther’s impressive fiber and yarn stash.

A Madd Batt’r, a ball winder, and a table swift.

strauch madd batt'r and mini swift

Joanne holds a fluff ball of sari silk and mohair while Esther admires the colors.

Esther and fiber

Winding some of Esther’s handspun yarn on the Strauch ball winder and table swift.

strauch ball winder and swift

Another beautiful skein of handspun on the table swift/skeinwinder.

strauch swift and Jazzturtle handspun yarn

Otto examining the setup.

Esther has turned her master bathroom into her dye room. Her husband Bryan is a very understanding person.

Examination time!

We had a great time in North Carolina! We’ll be back again in October for SAFF. Keep an eye out for new video tutorials featuring Esther Rodgers on our Strauch machines coming soon!

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