New From Strauch: The Cotton Seed Flicker

Our customers often come up with great ideas and suggestions. One such lady is a fiber enthusiast who loves to work with organically grown cotton. In the past, she had used a dog slicker brush to tease the fiber away from the seed. It sort of worked, but she kept piercing her fingers with the sharp pins!

Unable to find a small, hand held tool, this avid cotton spinner contacted us. After several conversations we produced a tool that did just what she hoped. It’s similar in size to our popular hand card cleaner and comfortable to use. One part of the design was to reverse the pin direction. She was delighted with the results and now we have another fiber processing tool designed specifically for cotton spinners–the Cotton Seed Flicker!

Cotton Seed Flicker from Strauch Fiber Equipment Co

Available in two pin densities: coarse- 36 TPI (teeth per sq. in.) and fine-72 TPI.  Which one to choose is a matter of personal preference. The 5″ long handle makes the flickers very comfortable to use.

See the Cotton Seed Flicker in action here on Youtube!


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