Show Season!

Show season is just around the corner, and we’d love to see you in person! Whether we’ve met you a dozen times before at shows or you’re attending your first fiber event we hope you’ll stop by and introduce yourselves at these upcoming events!

Here’s a schedule of our upcoming shows:

Fall Fiber Festival October 4th & 5th in Orange, VA

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair October 24-26 in Asheville, NC


And of course, to show you what a great time it will be, here are some photos from past years. We’ll be answering questions on all of our products and doing lots of demos on how to use the Strauch swifts, ballwinders, and drum carders!

An unconventional use for the Strauch swift/skeinwinder spotted at a booth.

Another unconventional use for our Swift/skeinwinder Strauch Fiber

Joanne showing how to pull roving off a drum carder using a diz.

Joanne showing how to use a diz to pull off roving, Strauch Fiber

Joanne carding at Fall Fiber Festival.

Joanne at Fall Fiber Fair, Strauch Fiber

Otto at SAFF 2013.

Otto at SAFF 2013, Strauch Fiber

We hope to see you soon!

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