Thrummed Knitting

If you haven’t tried thrummed knitting before, this is a wonderful technique for creating an extra thick and warm fabric. It’s traditionally been used in hats and mittens.

What’s a thrum?
A thrum is a small piece of unspun roving that is knit into your project. Thrumming makes the insides soft and fuzzy, and incredibly warm.

What kind of wool should I use for thrumming?
To make a thrum you start by pulling of a piece of roving that’s about 3″ long. If your fiber has a staple length that’s much longer or much shorter you might have trouble. Look for a fiber that’s a medium length and soft, after all this will be next to your skin!

If you’d like to learn more about how to thrum take a look at this great tutorial from Hello Yarn.

Here are also some of our favorite thrummed patterns–you’ll see you can thrum all sorts of projects for extra cozy accessories!

A free pattern for thrummed mittens by Stephane Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot Thrummed Mittens.


Keep your toes warm with these super cozy slippers: Retro Thrum Slippers by Fen Roessingh.

A thrummed hat will keep your head and ears toasty on the coldest days. Thrumviator by Michele Bernstein.

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