Color Theory, Part 2

In our last post we talked about the basics of color theory, and how to combine colors. Today we’re going to show you some examples of batts, and how these follow (and break!) the rules of color theory.

Example #1: split complementary

Although this isn’t exactly orange, it’s a hue of orange, so this is an example of a split complementary color scheme.

Example #2: Analogous

Blue-green is the predominant color here, with a little green and a hint of yellow-green. Many ombre colors also use analogous color schemes in addition to changes in value.

Example #3: Breaking the Rules

This is one of Esther’s batts, it uses blue-green, yellow, and hot pink. Green and yellow are a common color combo, but by changing to a tertiary color, and adding in an unexpected pop of pink, gives this combo a little something special.



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