Walking in a Wooly Wonderland

Last November we brought you three fun and easy projects to make with wool roving, and we decided that we’d like to continue that holiday tradition with this post. With our button diz and any of our drum carders, you can pull off your own wool roving in any color that you have decided to blend!

First up, get warmed up by playing in the water! Learn how to create these wet-felted mittens from Crafting a Fibre Life. These would be a great last-minute gift that you could make between now and Christmas.


Cardinals are messengers of Winter in parts of North America. Bring one to life in your home this snowy season by felting one yourself! This tutorial from Lia Griffith is both visually stunning and extremely well-done.

If birds aren’t the only flying fancies you enjoy, and faeries are more your speed, you can create your own custom faeries by following this tutorial from Creativity in Pieces.


If you liked these felted giftables, and would like more roving inspiration, head over to our Pinterest board devoted to the wonderful world of wool! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your projects using #StrauchFiber.

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